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2008 Online Course Submission List

2 hour Texas Laws and Rules Review Course

TDLR Course Number 3816 - Approved

(Includes 2 hours of Texas Laws and Rules Review)

8 hour HVAC Design Challenges:
Big, Bad Bonus Rooms, Multi-story Mania and Foam Home Hysteria

(Includes 6 hours of Technical Instruction and 2 hours of Texas Laws and Rules Review)

TDLR Course Number 3817 - Pending Approval


About Tradewinds Online Training Database

These courses above are waiting for approval before the programmers make them dynamic in the database. The server engine that serves the current course is waiting to be programmed for these two new courses upon approval.

The two links above will start the process of going through the course for review. Due to the linear nature of the courses, reviewers must view the content one module at a time, just like a student would. No skip function is allowed so the students are forced to view all the content.

Once a course is approved and is activated in the database, all the links, security questions and notification infrastructure become live and tracked in the database.

The server takes credit card information and allows the student to enroll 24/7 and start his course work instantly. It also takes his personal information and approves a password for him in real time. The security questions are taken from the personal information and they begin immediately without any human intervention.

Should there be any problem, the server notifies the administration by email and also flags the account on the back-end with a yellow highlight in the student list. The administrators are able to resolve issues from the back-end admin pages.

The database tracks the student's time and completion status and, upon completion, a temporary, personalized, printable certificate of completion is generated dynamically. The student can print this certificate and hold it until ACCA-Texas mails him the official certificate of completion.

Should the student's account be blocked due to repeated failures with the security questions, the certificate is withheld and the administrators must resolve the issues with the student.

Should the issue be resolved satisfactorily, the administrator releases the account and the certificate is printed.

ACCA-Texas is notified automatically by the server, that the student has completed the course. ACCA-Texas notifies the TDLR of the completion.

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